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Guide to Parts Only Warranty

Written 8 months ago

Step 1: Engage the services of a suitably qualified and experienced commercial engineer to inspect your equipment fully and confirm the nature of the fault. 

Step 2: During the engineers visit, they will discover the cause of the problem and complete a report detailing any issues and any parts required. As it is parts only, the call-out fee is payable by the buyer.

Step 3: If they state that any mechanical part(s) are required to make a repair, we would ask for a copy of their report (on their official headed job sheet), the serial number of the unit and confirmation of the part(s) required to make the repair. We would then pass this to the manufacturer to provide the parts under warranty for you.

Step 4: A qualified engineer should return to site to fit replacement parts. The call-out fee is payable by the buyer.

NB: Replacement part(s) will not be dispatched by the manufacturer without a valid engineerโ€™s report. The cost of any replacement part(s) deemed to be damaged through misuse or anything other than manufacturer fault, will not be covered under warranty and the buyer will be liable to cover costs.

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