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Guide to Parts and Labour Warranty (Full Warranty)

Updated 2 years ago

Step 1: Contact us as soon as an issue arises. At this stage we will try to offer troubleshooting where possible. If none can be provided or it does not work, a £150 + VAT deposit will be taken before raising an engineer call out.

Step 2: An engineer call out will be arranged, they will attend the site and a report will be completed. If the engineer calls and confirms that the equipment is faulty and a warranty call is confirmed, this deposit will be refunded in full, conversely, if this is found to be a user fault or otherwise not a warranty call, the deposit will be retained to pay for the call out as below.

Step 3: Correct parts will be ordered where necessary and the engineer returns to site to fit the new parts if required.

NB: The cost of any replacement part(s) deemed to be damaged through misuse or anything other than manufacturer fault, will not be covered under warranty and the buyer will be liable to cover costs.

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